A photograph is a sign of the passed time. The significance of a photograph is in the way it has preserved surprisingly natural, expressive and sometimes majestic images of the recent past.

The growing interest in the old photograph as well as anxious love for it caused the presence of a gallery of vintage photos on the website.

Let the great sacrament of an antique photograph embrace you!

vintage photo gallery
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Thanks to the documentary character of snaps, photo portraits enjoy a particular place in all the extensive iconographic material. Their historical importance grows as time goes by, because we realize clearly – the farther the time on the shot is, the higher its value.

Old portraits show the exquisite expression and charm, easily but convincingly carry out their function, and at the same time possess the ability to arouse the interest of any onlooker, to set a specific aesthetic contact with them.

The lens was somehow peering at the model and was fixing his presence in time and space, in definite surroundings, costume and place and with a particular facial expression.

In daily routine photo was and still is a document of time – it is both a piece of high art and life of a modern person. It exposes the details of our world, broadens our knowledge about environment, ourselves, people near us and our ancestors.

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