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'Unique photo gift' is a photo collage made of an unlimited number of photographs and on an individual design-project. personal creation of original graphic project according to all your wishes use of creative digital technologies, correction of colors, retouching, cropping images, changing the size, special effects glamorizing photo, adding text using the most expressive font; perfect personalized gifts for any occasions

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'Unique photo gift' is not an accidental name of this service; it significantly reflects its essence. Photo collage – a page layout of several pictures united by the same subject and idea – is its basis. A photo collage can consist of dozens and even hundreds of pictures.

Undoubtedly, in many life occasions such a photo work may become a memorable original gift. On journeys and during family celebrations we often take a lot of photos that can serve a good creative material for making a photo collage. What an inexhaustible source for a photo collage dedicated to memorable events family albums are! With the help of the service ’unique photo gift’ of the Photomaster's art studio it’s possible to produce artistic composition according to your wishes and desires.

When making a collage an individual design-project is worked out and its graphic realization is carried out manually under strict control. You will possess a unique work made especially for you!

Preserve your family photos forever

What a reverential feeling is to look at our old family photos! Our old tattered photo albums keep the dearest photos of our closest and most beloved people. These pages of family history contained in a photo album represent a visual genealogical tale of generations + [more tips]