(Look how it was done)

Victor was able to do what I could not accomplish… I puzzled with the image for weeks and finally sought outside assistance. I hunted online through other sites and just did not trust their skills. The images they posted on their sites were not as complex as my needs with this image were. When I found Victor's site, I was unsure because he was so far away… but after reading his FAQ section I felt I was dealing with a knowledgeable person and decided to give him a shot. The resulting image is wonderful and flawless. I highly recommend his service - especially if you are a professional… you trust his work.

Anna, California, USA

I want to tell you that I was amazed at the quality of the finished product.

I sent you the only photo my wife has of her father whom she adored as a child. Unfortunately, I never got the opportunity to meet him as he was killed crossing the channel on D-day.

Just wanted you to know that I officially presented your enhanced photo to my wife on our
Anniversary yesterday.
I had a photo shop enlarge the photo to 14 x 20, print it on canvas and frame it in an antique type frame. Rarely do I find anyone with your talent who also has a sense of generosity. We shall forever be in your debt.
Again thanks, my wife just loves the photo.

Robert Bilbruck, Lake Forest, USA

Victor Strelkovsky was able to transform simple photographs and snap shots I took of my young daughter and turn them into works of art I would proudly display on any wall of my home. Victor perfectly captured the whimsical beauty of my two year old and make her stand out like the princess that I know her to be. I have been so thrilled to show the images to my friends and family and listen to the gasps echo through the room as they see what gorgeous creations Victor has created. I will look no further for my photo restoration and manipulation needs.
Thank you so very much!

Denise Miller, Modesto, USA

When my mom pulled out an old and damaged photo of her grandparents and asked if it could be restored, I was really doubtful. I sent it to Photomaster and within a short while they had restored it beautifully. We were thrilled they had brought this precious photo ’back to life.’

Lorraine and family, Watertown, USA

Photomaster did a great job at manipulating several photos I needed to complete a special album for my husband; I am very pleased with the results. Without these improvements the album would not have had the completion and quality I was looking for. Other on-line photo service
companies no-quoted the project without asking any questions, with Victor's quick responses I was guided towards sending him additional photos that he could use in the manipulation of these photos.
I highly recommend Victor's services to everyone. Thanks again, I can see from the other testimonials that you bestow your expertise and courtesy to all others. I have added Photomaster to my Favorites list because I'm certain I will be using Photomaster's quality service again.

Tina Potenberg, Madison, USA

Amazed at the transformation!!! Worth every penny,thank you Victor...also for your professional approach.

Rob Aston, Cambridge (Courtesy of Denis Stewart, New Zealand)

Thank you so much for the magic you performed with the photos of my grandparents.
These are the only professionally taken photographs we have of them and so are treasure items. You brought these photographs back to the way they must have looked when they were originally taken over 60 years ago.
All of the bends, tears and holes as well as the discoloration and fading have been removed without loosing the picture's integrity - exactly what I was hoping for! You have made three generations in my family extraordinarily happy with your work, and being able to have them safely stored on CD (and knowing I can make reprints whenever necessary) makes the whole deal that much sweeter. I will definitely be sending more work your way.

Karen Meldrum, Princeton, USA

I am speechless. You have done a remarkable job and I couldn't be happier!! Simply amazing!!!

I have already shown your work to some people at my job, and they are also very impressed. You are a magician! I will refer you to everyone I know that could possibly use your service. I look forward to working with you again and again. Have a great day!

Dino, San Diego, USA

The restoration of the photo of my grandmother is amazing. All of these years I had wished that I had a chance to restore this picture to what is was supposed to look like. This turned out even better. I had this process done as a Christmas gift, I am sure it will brig tears to my family's eyes when they see it. Thank you again for the amazing attention to detail and bringing to life a picture of so long ago.

Ray Ramirez, Bakersfield, USA

  • Victor was able to transform my photos into works art! His creativity is exceptional. He is so easy to work with – quick response time, great ideas, and he is very receptive to suggestions. I would recommend his company to anyone. The quality of his work is outstanding.

    Margaret Reed, New York, USA
  • It was hard to find someone who could transform a normal photo in a marvellous pop-art picture...finally, I found that person in Victor! He was able to fulfil my requests of colours, brightness and shape creating a perfect pop-art panel. He could also enlarge a lot my small picture and, despite the width I required, I got a well-
    defined printing. Furthermore, the complete work expresses an harmonious beauty I didn't expect and made me surprised! Photomaster is surely the best way to get a quick, cheap and high-quality photo treatment!

    Frank, Castiglione d'Adda, Italy
  • Thank you so much for your work on these important photographs. These pictures don't exist anywhere else and to have them so improved is a wonderful thing. I can't wait to get them printed out and share them with family.

    Sarah Bramer, Balltown, USA
  • Just wanted to let you know what a fantastic job you did on my photo. I am absolutely thrilled!! AND the fact that you use paypal and require payment only after viewing the proof was a huge plus. I have told my friends about you as well and would refer anyone to you who asked. Just wanted you to know. Thanks again!!!

    Juli, Lewisville, USA
  • I am so happy with the result that Victor was able to produce. My image was of a family member who we could not identify from around 1934. The original was creased, torn, missing a corner and badly faded. Victor was able to repair and recreate the image I sent him and within a week, I was looking at something flawless that printed up like new. The fact that I was able to see a preview before paying via PayPal was just a bonus, but a reassuring one. Thank you Victor!

    Trent, Adelaide, Australia
  • Victor did a great job on a difficult project that I was unable to do myself. I was impressed by his ability to remove the distracting background from a picture even though the very BRIGHT, distracting object was behind a child’s wispy hair. I was also impressed by his quick response and willingness to touch up the finer points even after I made my payment. I plan to use his services again in the future.

    Jennifer Brown, Louisville, USA
  • Victor, thanks for a great job! Thanks for the pictures and your hard work! They look great!

    Shehraz, Melbourne, Australia
  • Victor has made such a beautiful job of colouring and enhancing my picture.
    I wanted something special to give to my twin sister on our 50th birthday, and I can’t think of anything more perfect than this. Victor is very professional and very thoughtful. I have already recommended him to my friends, and I only got the picture yesterday!
    Thank you so much Victor, you have made a photo that needed attention into a beautiful keepsake. I will definitely be sending more pictures to Victor for his special attention.

    Annie, Hertfordshire, England
  • Thank you, Victor, for the fine job you did on the photo. This is perfect.
    You do good work - and I will certainly bookmark your website for future use!

    John Newkirk, Colorado, USA
  • Victor - amazing work, I can't believe it's possible to restore to this level (considering all the damage/mold etc.). I do like the sepia better, it's a little warmer. Thanks again for all your help!

    Kim Garvey, Highland, USA
  • ...also wanted to say I showed the photos to my family and all of us were amazed at how good they were. We kept looking at them because they were so wonderful. We will all cherish these family photos.

    Glenda Royal, Fayetteville, USA
  • I love it, it's just perfect! You are very talented!

    Arsine, Boca Raton, USA