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The given prices for each category are initial. The final cost may be equal to the initial one or higher.

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Photomaster – is a professional care of your photographs.

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Simple photo restoration consists in removal of small defects of the image, such as minor scratches, dust, crazes and other slight injuries which do not affect the important parts of the image. from
Standard photo restoration is used when a photograph does not have great injuries and defects. Faces, figures and other complex parts of the image do not have critical losses parts. from
Complex photo restoration is used when an image is badly injured. Faces, figures and objects are damaged. There is a critical loss of some relevant parts of the photo. from
Coloring is a wonderful transformation of a black-and-white photo into a color one. The monochrome world of old images will acquire color and charm with natural novelty. from
Artistic treatment is an extraordinary transformation of an ordinary photograph into a work of art. It is a complex service containing a wide range of digital effects, tricks and creative techniques. from
Glamour retouching is a real transformation of a traditional portrait into a glamour picture for a glossy fashion magazine cover. The service includes also the artistic processing of images. from
Unique photo gift is an artistic photo collage made of an unlimited number of photographs according to all your wishes and desires. Individual design-project is worked out to each order. from
Photo enchantment is a professional correction and retouching of digital photos or scanned photos, negatives and slides. Your photos will become bright and attractive. from
’Cosmetic surgery’ is a digital correction skin defect, such as flabbiness, acne and spots, moles, etc. Improvement of the shape of a nose, lips; correction of the double chin, breast, figure. from
Photomontage is a creation of an artistically and notional united composition from a combination of photographs. Background replacement, removal (addition) of figures and objects from
Pop art is a transformation of a photograph into a work in the pop art style. Images in this bright art style will become an original present in many life situations. Stylish Laconic Spectacular. one panel
four panel

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