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Family history is strongly connected with photography.

Besides memory, family photographs contain a certain spiritual force, giving us the feeling of warmth and safety.

And what a great number of amazing events are connected with this or that snap! Turning the pages of a photo album, we refresh so many different fates, joyful and sad moments in our memory.

All this is our invaluable history that is carefully preserved in an old family album.

vintage photo gallery

in special archive boxes (cases).

Never use rubber glue, aerosol glue or Scotch tape to stick photos to the page! MYLAR-D corners are the best solution to this problem.

On the other side of a photograph there might be a caption with useful information about the people in the photo, the date, the place and the photographer. You can copy the information for each photograph and use it in the new album under the right photo. Then you won´t have to take the photos out of the compartments just to read the text, everything will be before your eyes and you will look through the album in a more comfortable way.

When putting your photographs into another album, it is advisable to preserve the initial chronological order. This will help you get additional information when you look through the album, e.g. about the development of family relationships.

If a photo album is in good condition and you would like to preserve it as it is, you can use the method of encapsulation of pages. This method involves the process of putting each page between two pieces of polymer plastic, such as MYLAR-D or MELINEX 516. Encapsulation helps to protect photographs from wear, damage, dust and other unfavorable effects of the environment. This method is also good to preserve frail and torn photographs but it is not recommended for modern color photos.

Having family albums offers you unique, affordable, and easy solutions for preserving and sharing your memories of favorite times, special moments of your life and of previous generations for many years. If you do not have an opportunity or do not wish to do the repairs of your photo albums on your own, have a restorer or a bookbinder do it for you.

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