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Ingenious images in the pop art style will give novelty to your everyday life, they will become an original present and a decora-
tion of the interior. the unique tech-
nology of our service is based on the photo designer’s technical methods taking into account the peculiari-
ties of each image
selection and concordance of colors, formation of a panel according to your wishes and imagination See also
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Pop art came into being in the 1950s. It is widely spread as a trend of art both in the USA and in other western countries. The painters who work in this style (Andy Warhol , Claes Oldenburg , Roy Lichtenstein) offered their spectators an art which deals with usual things, they rejected the profundity of abstract expressionism.

The pop art techniques were exceptionally diverse: painting and collage, reproductions and comics, photos and slide, combination of drawings with various objects and the like.

Pop art works often contain some humor and a bit of the author’s irony, for example, the well-known pictures by Andy Warhol showing a dollar bank-note or a photo portrait of the actress Marilyn Monroe. One should assume pop art as real and appreciate the inventiveness of the creators of works of this trend of modern art.

The Photomaster art studio is absolutely ready to carry out your wishes to turn an ordinary photo into a work of pop art.

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