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Photomontage is a combination of photos or their fragments of an artistically and notionally united composition. removal (addition) of figures and objects; replacing or changing the background photomanipulation with the appearance; change of the clothes, hair style, makeup, etc coordination of lighting, correction color, hue, tonal range digital retouching, special photo effects, realistic photo design

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The first photomontage was made by an English photographer Henry Peach Robinson (1830-1901) in 1858 by compositing five different negatives on each other to create one image. The obtained image ’Fading away’ was so realistic that it aroused strong sincere feelings of the viewers. Since then this photographic genre has been widespread.

Modern digital manipulations enable you to be ’carried away’ to the most remote countries and continents, to try on an Apache’s equipment or smart clothes of a passionate oriental beauty, without ceremony to have a photo taken with a pop-star or a Hollywood actor, as well as many other striking transforma-tions are at your service. ’It’s fantastic!’ you will exclaim. And you will be absolutely right.

Owing to the 'photomontage' service is impossible, even elaborate fantasies come true. Artistic transformation, combination of your photos and using special effects for a really creative result with Photomaster digital studio.

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