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’Glamour retouching’ is a high quality retouching of photos in the artistic style. smoothing the texture and luster of the skin, softening the wrinkles; digital teeth whitening; making eyes lighter correction of the makeup, the hair style, the shape of the face, eyes and nose; artistic treatment and special photo effects creation of high key portraits; glamour retouching of model portfolio, pageant and wedding photographs

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We always feel nervous before a photo session because we are not sure whether we are photogenic or not and whether we will look good in the photograph. But even in the best photo there is something we want to retouch, to improve and to prettify as well.

There is no common standard of beauty but each person tries to look attractive. Women are extremely particular about their appearances; they would always like to look excellent.

Painters and poets have always glorified their beloved idealizing them and praising their virtues to the skies. Today to reveal the inexhaustible potential of the feminine beauty became a little more simply. Various kinds of digital technology and the ’glamour retouching’ service of the Photomaster art studio guarantee a perfect result, it will be impossible to take eyes off your photos.

The strategy of retouching is defined coming from the features of your appearance and taking into account your wishes.

Preserve your family photos forever

What a reverential feeling is to look at our old family photos! Our old tattered photo albums keep the dearest photos of our closest and most beloved people. These pages of family history contained in a photo album represent a visual genealogical tale of generations + [more tips]