Every day I am asked loads of urgent questions about digital processing of images - retouching and restoring family photos, enhancement or repairing pictures.

If you haven't found the answers to your questions here or have some difficulties with your images, do not hesitate to write me by email or just send your message using the ’get a free consultation’ form. I'll try to give you the most exhaustive information.

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Photomaster – is a professional care of your photographs.

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18. I am your colleague, a professional photographer from California. In the main, I take photos of wedding ceremonies and sometimes have difficulty digital processing the taken photos. Could I rely on your help and on what terms?

Sure. I am familiar with all the details and difficulties of taking photos of a wedding ceremony in practice. Professional photography and further professional editing of the digital files will produce a tremendous result in the long run. Your clients are sure to estimate it at its true worth.
Low prices and undoubtedly high quality service are the main merits of the Photomaster service. Regular and wholesale clients are offered a flexible system of discounts. In some cases the price can be lower by 10-30%, however, the quality of the work hasn't changed for the worse.

19.My digital photographs are too large to be sent by email. How should I solve this problem?

You shouldn´t panic. The problem can be solved easily. It is possible to do it through FTP; I´ll send you all the necessary detailed instructions. Or you may well use special free software WinZip (PC) or Stuffit (Mac). With their help you´ll be able to archive your files and they will use considerably less space than usual; then send them to me by email.

20. I am eager to make an original gift to my parents on they golden wedding. Which of your services will be most appropriate?

No doubt photographs are most precious and memorable presents. A large variety of digital services offered by the Photomaster service allow finding a good solution to this complicated task. Your parents are sure to have some old and very dear for them photographs which need restoring. The restored photographs will certainly make a very pleasant surprise. What is more, the restored images if they are black-and-white can be changed in a wonderful way by coloring them. The photographs will acquire the color and festive novelty and preserve their unique nature.
If you’ve got a number of family photographs, it is possible to create a large collage of dozens and even hundreds of photos with the help of the "unique photo gifts" service. The central part in the collage will be assigned to your parents. The size of this photo can reach 40 and even more inches. Indeed, it can be an impressive photo collage which one can watch for hours and each time find something new. How about ’making’ your mother and father ten or more years younger? Take advantage of the "cosmetic surgery" service and your dear parents will appear a lot younger as if it was not long ago, in this photograph, though.
In many cases the "artistic treatment" service may be to the point. It is a complex approach to the processing of the image where the most complicated graphic tasks can be solved in an amazing way – it is quite possible to turn a commonplace photograph into a memorable masterpiece. As you see, you’ve got a wide choice. You will be offered all the necessary help so that you could make your final decision on this or any other matter.

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  • Save your money
    (you will be surprised how cost effective our service really is: lowest price versus highest quality)
  • Save your time
    (you can place an order from home or your office; you can also make all the necessary changes and additions through the Internet)
  • Save your nerves
    (the original photo won´t be damaged as we deal with its digital copy; the most careful attitude to all the details of your photos)
  • An absolute guarantee of excellent quality
  • Free consultations & advice
  • Discounts to our regular customers and wholesale clients
  • You pay for the order only after the work has been done

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What a reverential feeling is to look at our old family photos! Our old tattered photo albums keep the dearest photos of our closest and most beloved people. These pages of family history contained in a photo album represent a visual genealogical tale of generations + [more tips]