Every day I am asked loads of urgent questions about digital processing of images - retouching and restoring family photos, enhancement or repairing pictures.

If you haven't found the answers to your questions here or have some difficulties with your images, do not hesitate to write me by email or just send your message using the ’get a free consultation’ form. I'll try to give you the most exhaustive information.

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Photomaster – is a professional care of your photographs.

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12. Can I send you my photos by ordinary mail?

Still, I do not recommend you to do it. Though the mail is rather reliable, occasionally some letters can be lost.
It is absolutely safe and a lot more convenient to send a digital copy through the Internet. You shouldn´t risk the original.

13. I hear that some companies send their files to third countries for photo restoration. Do you also act this way?

No, never. Such a method can only be justified in terms of reducing the expenses and increasing profitability. But it is questionable in terms of digital processing. I don´t think the customer benefits from it.

14.What quality guarantees are offered by your service?

Absolute 100% guarantees!
It is not an allegation. Numerous positive comments of my clients are the best confirmation of my words. I value these greatly.
High quality is the most important condition of a successful business. It is the reason why the Photomaster service is first of all for those who value high quality. Nevertheless any questionable points are decided in favor of the customer.

15.What kind of payments do you accept?

I usually work with a very reliable and comfortable system of payment PayPal. I also accept a wire transfer.

16. I´ve got several photos which are getting worse and worse in the course of time. How is it possible to stop this process and preserve the photos for a long time?

I understand your anxiety very well. Fortunately, modern digital technologies allow solving this problem easily enough. You need to scan your photos. In my article "Scanning Photos" you will read how to better do it. After converting your images from an analog form into a digital one, you will get electronic versions absolutely identical to the originals. Later on the digital copies can be restored and printed. You will also find a lot of useful information on this issue in the article "Preserve Your Family Photos Forever".

17. I’ve got several photos of my personal life; I would like to have them improved. But I’m afraid that they might be made public. Do you guarantee that this won’t happen?

Guaranteeing absolute confidentiality, I keep to generally accepted moral norms where the customer’s interests and my reputation are indestructible notions. I can assure you that your anxiety is vain. It is only me who has access to the sent photographs and the subsequent editing is done by me as well. Once you have received the finished files, they will be stored on the hard disk of my computer for a month but will be immediately deleted at your request.

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our advantages

  • Save your money
    (you will be surprised how cost effective our service really is: lowest price versus highest quality)
  • Save your time
    (you can place an order from home or your office; you can also make all the necessary changes and additions through the Internet)
  • Save your nerves
    (the original photo won´t be damaged as we deal with its digital copy; the most careful attitude to all the details of your photos)
  • An absolute guarantee of excellent quality
  • Free consultations & advice
  • Discounts to our regular customers and wholesale clients
  • You pay for the order only after the work has been done

payment methods

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Preserve your family photos forever

What a reverential feeling is to look at our old family photos! Our old tattered photo albums keep the dearest photos of our closest and most beloved people. These pages of family history contained in a photo album represent a visual genealogical tale of generations + [more tips]