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7. What file formats, JPEG or TIFF, are more advisable for storing photos after scanning?

It is these two formats of graphic files – JPEG and TIFF – that have become widely used in digitizing images. After scanning I recommend storing the files in TIFF. This format is absolutely safe for the quality of your file. What is more, in order to decrease the size of the image it is possible to use LZW-compression. This format is understandable by almost all graphic programs and it is used on Macintosh and PC platforms.
JPEG seems to be more preferable if compared to TIFF as it is a space-saving format. But it may result in the loss of data, i.e. it is a lower quality format. It is recommended to store the file in JPEG only after all the work on the image has been done. Multiple opening of the file, introducing changes into it, and storing it again in the JPEG format will lead to extra distortion of the image. In the long run, it may result in the total loss of quality. So, if you edit the image in the JPEG format and before saving it you are not sure whether all the changes have been made, save the file in TIFF. When in need, you may restart work without losing the quality saving the file later.
I think the following tip for you might be useful. Before editing the image, make a copy of it and work with it. It is the most reliable way to safeguard the original file against various unforeseen circumstances.

8. My photographs are not clear, out of focus. Can you improve them?

Yes, to a certain degree. But if the image is too unclear, it is next to impossible to make it absolutely clear even using the most perfect methods in this sphere. If the photo is slightly out of focus, it can be considerably improved.

9. I would like to have a photo enlarged in size. Could you help me?

Sure. Practically any photo can be made larger, but the degree of enlargement depends on the quality of the original file. Please send your photo and I will tell you how much it can be enlarged without a serious loss of quality.

10. My large photo can´t go into the scanner. What should I do?

This problem can be solved, I assure you. First, scan one half of the image, then the other and send them both to me. I will make a seamless imperceptible combination of the two halves and other manipulations if you wish.

11. My photo is seriously damaged; the faces in it cannot be seen. Can such a photo be restored?

Fortunately, I have only seen few photographs which cannot be restored. I hope this is not your case. Have a look at my examples in "Complex photo restoration" I think they will give you a lot of hope. Anyway, you shouldn´t let time destroy the picture completely and lose the images of your beloved ancestors for ever. Do send the photo to me and you will get a complete answer.

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