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The 'cosmetic surgery' service is a digital correction of the defects of a face, body and figure without a surgical operation. facelift - removal of skin defects, reducing wrinkles, baggy eyes, double chin, etc; smoothing effects correction of figure, making body slimmer; reducing effects of aging; improvement of breast shape; fixing teeth; hair restoration digital rejuvenation and loss of weight preserving all the individual features

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The 'cosmetic surgery' service is a correction of your appearance absolutely safe for your health. Actually, the unlimited possibilities of this unique technique are only bound by your desires. Even now it is quite possible to lose weight without any diets or pills; and right now you may see what you can look like in the near future.

We offer the following services: changing of the shape of a nose, ears, lips, and the unevenness of teeth; removal of the skin defects, such as flabbiness, spots, scars, pigmentation, and reddened spots; correction of the double chin and the figure as a whole, as well as some parts of the body; rejuvenation; effective removal of baldness – change of a hair style.

An inconceivable range of digital cosmetic methods allows choosing a special set of transformations and alterations for you so as to better emphasize all your merits. Irreproachable professional performance of the service can completely change your personal view of yourself.

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