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be better observed in the places of silence, such as the choir, the refectory, and the dormitory, and that you live in all other respects according to the Constitutions that have been given to you. A boy at Fanjeaux, at which time he "adored" several times. C i8 dominic'S first convert. He desired indeed to be relieved from his sentence, and threatened the Legates with death if they attempted to leave the town without giving him absolution. " R 258 HIS methods OF prayer. This miracle, however much it confirmed the faith of his own followers, was little known or talked of beyond the walls of his convent ; but it was followed by another of more public notoriety. 171 and to come ; and we take the Order itself, with all its goods and rights, under our protection and government.

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He took on him the office of My Son, the only-begotten Word. Paul, not only to the humble audience whose spiritual wants he had sought to supply, but to the Court and Cardinals. There was a certain devout woman of the city whose custom it 2 Or rencontre De Femme Imbode more correctly Andalo Degli Andalotti, though the name is commonly given as above. Lent preaching in a district in Germany, where the people came together in such numbers that from early morning until None they were incessantly engaged in hearing confessions, and then after breaking their fast, from None again until night. I thought so because of certain signs on his countenance which he used to have in time of health when he was absorbed in prayer. In judging the question, we must regard it as it was then regarded by the whole of Christendom, when the interests of the faith took precedence of every other interest, and the abettor of heresy stood convicted of the crime of lese-majeste against God Himself. One day, having travelled far without taking any refreshment, they became weary and exhausted. After his canonization the brethren petitioned Pope Gregory. Dominic, and the nature of his work in Languedoc. The instinct of true sympathy does not always need time to make itself felt ; by a magic touch it sometimes reveals itself at first sight, and so it was in the present instance. Matthew and the Epistles. Dominic being then in the city, no church in the place was large enough to hold the crowds who flocked to hear him, and he therefore preached in the great piazza known as the Piazza della Valle. Dominic." 3 Returning to our travellers, we must now follow them in their course over the Lombard Alps, the passage of which was difficult and laborious. And it is not difficult to understand in what way it actually became.
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  2. Rodolph of Faenza, in his deposition, declares that never had he known any one who gave his body so little sleep or food. The Count of Toulouse was the feudal suzerain of the country, and the entrance of so vast an army into his dominions filled him with uneasiness. Daniel, but which after his canonization was called the chapel.
  3. The brethren ran to the spot, too late to save him, but Dominic commanded them to dig him out, whilst he THE widoon. After wearing the habit of the Friars Preachers for twenty years, he left the Order and site Rencontre Gratuit Comme Badoo Regensdorf joined the Cistercians, being, it is said, dissatisfied with the law of absolute poverty, which by that time had been enjoined. The brethren returned with such a scanty supply as furnished only a handful of bread to each one. 3 These and other prodigies disposed his parents to regard him as called to no ordinary destiny ; and, as in the days of the Baptist, they said one to another, " W T hat manner of child is this, think you? But they found a powerful protectress in Queen Blanche of Castile, and by the August of the year 1220 the community were left free to worship God in peace within their own walls, and to live in harmony with their neighbours.

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