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Retouching modern and bringing up to life old images is an delicate form of art. A photograph represents a real man’s face, his surroundings and keeps them in memory. Photographs invisibly connect us to relative people of past ages and contemporaries.

That’s why during digital processing of images rude and thoughtless interfer- ence for quick result is unacceptable. Only scrupulous work and constant desire to reach perfection may become a true source of pride and satisfaction from achieved results.

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Art studio Photomaster is working on digital processing of images. We present a wide and various range of service to our clients – from the most difficult types of photo restoration to simple and effective means of improving practically any digital shot; and provide the highest level of quality with the lowest possible cost. The merge of small price and high quality is realized due to several components: it’s our long - term practical experience in the sphere of traditional photograph, deep and broaden knowledge of modern digital technologies, as well as professional software. But, probably, the main warrant of perfect quality is personal responsibility for every inch of executed work.

My name is Victor Strelkovsky. I am a professional photographer. For more then 20 years I have been working in the sphere of photojournalism. Since childhood, after my father presented me with a Leica camera on my birthday, I had admiration for taking photos. This camera influenced the formation of my photographical views. Thanks to it, I became a true admirer of photographic art. You can view my portfolio here.

My career began at a photolaboratory working on printing and retouching of black-and-white and colored photos, where I received a truly priceless experience which formed strong base for working with digital technologies. Traditional and digital photographs are two different but undoubtedly connected epochs. To my mind, it’s really difficult study the second epoch without understanding the first one.

Now I use in my work Adobe Photoshop CS3.
I prefer fully controlled manual regimes of retouching and correction of photoimages instead of using automatic functions. The majority of automatic modules are often incorrect and lead to the loss of digital images which is absolutely unacceptable in restoration and repair of historical photographs.

It a great pleasure to introduce my close friend and colleague Gary Makalovich. He is a professional photographer and talented artist in the sphere of digital technologies and a modest person as well. I would like to tell some words about him. Gary Makalovich is presenting Photomaster service in North America. He graduated from the Faculty of Journalism. Now Gary is a wedding photographer in Montreal (Canada). Also he makes portraits and modeling portfolios. But for a long period of time his main interest is photo restoration and retouching. You can view his website here.

Art studio Photomaster would like to thank you for being interested in our service. We are able not only to prove all your expectations, but to surprise you with our skill as well.

Photomaster — is a professional care of your photographs.

our advantages

  • Save your money
    (you will be surprised how cost effective our service really is: lowest price versus highest quality)
  • Save your time
    (you can place an order from home or your office; you can also make all the necessary changes and additions through the Internet)
  • Save your nerves
    (the original photo won´t be damaged as we deal with its digital copy; the most careful attitude to all the details of your photos)
  • An absolute guarantee of excellent quality
  • Free consultations & advice
  • Discounts to our regular customers and wholesale clients
  • You pay for the order only after the work has been done

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